It’s More Than a Tour . . . It’s an Experience

Retire in Panama Tours offer an exclusive seven night, six full day tour
across the country of Panama from Panama City to the Chiriquí Highlands.

Our Exclusive Semi-Private Tour (6 – 10 people only) offers you more direct access to our Panama Relocation Experts through out the tour, so you can be sure all your questions about Panama are answered. 

The cost of the tour includes airport pickup, seven nights in some of the nicest hotels in Panama, full transportation across the country, three meals a day, and your flight from Chiriquí province back to Panama City>. Check our Itinerary HERE.

         The tours run from Thursday evening when you check into the hotel, to the following Thursday morning when we return you to Panama City

We have the most competitive prices in the industry, check Dates and Prices HERE >

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions HERE


FREE 30 Minute Panama Consultation Call with Oscar or Rod.  

We have been offering Free 30 minute one-on-one calls for almost 2 years. (No Purchase of anything required)
Speak directly with Oscar or Rod, who have a combined 15 years experience helping expats move to Panama.  Book a Call HERE, and either Oscar or Rod will call you at your requested time.

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Watch the Video Below For a Recap of Our August Tour

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Retire in Nueva Gorgona, Panama: Great Views at an Economic Price

Courtesy of Wikipedia Nueva Gorgona, (New Gorgona) is a town in the Chame District of Panama Oeste (West) province, located minutes from Chame and Coronado. It is 80 km (50 mi) from Panama City, on the major Pan American Highway. It’s beautiful 4.2 km long beach and close proximity to Panama City has attracted developers and Panamanians from the city for many years. The original town of Gorgona dates back to the early 1600’s, and was located along the Chagres River, far from the current location of Nueva Gorgona. Gorgona was named after an island off the coast [...]

Requirements to Retire in Panama

We get asked this question a lot: What are the requirements to retire in Panama? You will find that Panama is probably the easiest country in the world to retire in, even on a limited budget. Many countries do not offer permanent residency right away, or ever, and many charge tens of thousands of dollars for the process. Years ago Panama introduced the Pensinado Visa to encourage retirees from around the world to spend their pensions living in Panama. It's a great idea, as retirees do not take jobs from the economy, they only put money into the economy. Panama [...]

Retire in David, Panama, a City of Convenience

David, Panama’s third largest city, located in the western province of Chiriquí, consists of about 160,000 residents and sits back about 15 miles from the pacific ocean. David was founded in 1602, but was not recognized by the colonial government until 1736, and was then known as La Ermita San Jose de David. Later in this article, there will be an interview with Vicky Wilson, a David resident, and what I call a dual expat. More on that later. David functions as a hub for Chiriquí Province's commercial and agricultural sectors, mainly farming and cattle, and it provides the rest [...]

It’s About Learning to Dance in the Rain

You may have had the opportunity of watching Oscar & I dancing in the pouring rain last weekend, the video is below, but let me explain. One of my favorite memes is in the picture above. "Life is not about waiting for the storm clouds to pass . . . it’s about learning to dance in the rain". Well, over the last couple months, most of us have been under some of the worst storm clouds in our lives, some more than others.  There are some of us that know someone who COVID-19 has taken, and our thoughts and prayers [...]

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More Interesting Facts About Panama

Panama is a country in Central America with an area of 29,120 square miles, a bit smaller than South Carolina. It consists of around 4,100,000 population, of which 50% can be found near the Capital City, Panama City. Top Areas for Expats: Panama City; Chiriquí Highlands (this includes Boquete, Volcán, David, etc); Coronado; Bocas del Toro; Cerro Azul; Pedasí; Las Tablas; Valle de Antón.  Property: In Panama, foreigners enjoy the same property rights as Panamanians. Buying property in Panama is safe and easy when using a reputable real estate service – very similar to the process in North America. Rentals: [...]

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