It’s More Than a Tour . . . It’s an Experience

Retire in Panama Tours offer an exclusive seven night, six full day tour
across the country of Panama from Panama City to the Chiriquí Highlands.

Our Exclusive Semi-Private Tour (6 – 10 people only) offers you more direct access to our Panama Relocation Experts through out the tour, so you can be sure all your questions about Panama are answered. 

The cost of the tour includes airport pickup, seven nights in some of the nicest hotels in Panama, full transportation across the country, three meals a day, and your flight from Chiriquí province back to Panama City. Check our Itinerary HERE.

         The tours run from Thursday evening when you check into the hotel, to the following Thursday morning when we return you to Panama City

We have the most competitive prices in the industry, check Dates and Prices HERE

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions HERE

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Watch the Video Below For a Recap of Our August Tour

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Best Way to See Panama for Retirement The business model of Retire in Panama Tours, is very unique in the relocation tour business in this country. Most companies, relocation, tourists and real estate tours, travel the country in big buses, with 20 – 40 guests per tour. We understand why they do this, the business model is volume. Our groups are semi-private with only 6 – 10 people per group. This is done so you will have more time with Oscar, Megan and Rod, and all the experts you will meet on the tour. We understand that taking a tour [...]

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