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Moving your Pets to Panama from the US or Canada

Introducing the stress-free solution to ensure your furry family members embark on their Panama adventure with ease! Our Pet Relocation Service specializes in crafting seamless journeys for your beloved pets from the USA or Canada to the vibrant landscapes of Panama. Let us take the complexity out of the process, handling every meticulous detail from start to finish.

Our experienced team expertly navigates the intricate web of paperwork, regulations, and appointments, ensuring your pet’s safe passage. From coordinating vaccinations to obtaining necessary certificates, we have you covered and will guide you every step of the way.

With us at your side, you can be confident that your four-legged companions will arrive in Panama to start your new lives together. Experience the true peace of mind of entrusting your pets’ journey to experts who prioritize simplifying the process.

We focus on three services.

  1. Pre-Paperwork Service. This is our most popular service, where the pet travels on the plane with you, in the cabin, or cargo. We handle all the paperwork and assist with vet bookings, USDA and CFIA approvals, and Panama Consulate authentications. We pre-notify the vet in Panama City of your arrival and have their blessing on the paperwork even before you arrive.
  2. Pet-Friendly Transport in Panama. We meet you at the airport with a pet-friendly driver and vehicle and get you to your final destination in Panama. We can stop along the way as many times as your pet needs. Friendly dogs will not have to be in kennels in the vehicle.
  3. Private Charters and Jet Sharing. This has become more popular, and most months, we have Jet Sharing with Private Charters available. This is for large breeds, typically over 90 lbs, airline cargos will not take, banned breeds, and nervous dogs. With Jet Sharing, you can take the piece of a Private Charter and reduce it by 1/2. or even 1/3, making it a viable option.  

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    Pet Relocation Panama
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