The Climate in Panama, Temperature, Rain and Micro-Climates

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Panama is a country in Central America, located between Costa Rica and Colombia, with tropical maritime climate - hot, humid, and cloudy; a prolonged rainy season (May through to December) and a short dry [...]

Retire in Las Tablas, Panama, a Humble, Frugal, and Interesting Lifestyle

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Tucked away near the Pacific coastline is the little unassuming town of Las Tablas. The town is located in an area that is predominantly involved in farming activities. It’s also an interesting and inviting [...]

Do You Plan to Retire in Panama? Here Is Why Bocas del Toro Is a Great Destination

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You have worked for the greater part of your life. Now, all you need is to retire and enjoy the rest of your life. This is the time to relax and live a simple [...]