Is Panama a Tax Haven for You? It Could be, So Learn Some Facts!

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Lets first discuss what the word "tax Haven" is, and how I am referencing it here. I am not discussing how to hide money from your government, to pay less taxes. I will [...]

The True Cost of Living in Panama in 2020: A Cross Country Analysis

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This article will discuss the cost of living in Panama. The article was originally written in February 2019, and it is now March 2020, but the inflation rate in Panama for 2019 came [...]

Your Friends and Family will Probably Say “Are You Crazy? Move to Panama?

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You know, when I first made the decision to move to Panama and told some of my friends and family back in Canada, they thought I was crazy. Some of them even thought [...]

Retire to Panama: Find Out Why People are Flocking Here

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Panama is one of the best countries for expats to live in and it is fast becoming as one of the world’s best retirement destinations. Panama offers many benefits compared to any other [...]

Pros and Cons Of Living In Panama

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Panama is an excellent country to move to or retire in with several expat communities and wonderful visa programs aimed at absorbing retirees and other members of the public into the Panamanian economy, [...]