Looking for the Best Place to Retire in Panama? Here are Ten Places to Consider.

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Panama may seem like a small country but you will be pleasantly surprised to know that it has quite a number of lifestyle options for people who are looking to retire in this great country. [...]

Expats Discover the Town of Pedasí as a Retirement Destination

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Expats began discovering the town of Pedasí, as a possible retirement destination, a few years ago, and now the secret is out. Pedasí is in the province of Los Santos, situated on the [...]

Expat Communities in Panama: Which are the best?

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Apart from the numerous landscapes and beaches scattered all around, there are also excellent locations for expat communities in Panama, as there are many expats from around the world living here. These expat [...]

Retire in Coronado: A Popular Beach Town for Expats in Panama

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If you care considering retiring in Coronado, then our tour is a great option for you. We visit Coronado on the very first day, and will show you all the amenities it has [...]

Pedasí Panama: A Friendly Haven for Expats of All Ages

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Pedasí is located at the South Eastern tip of the Azuero Peninsula, in Los Santos province of Panama, on the Pacific Ocean. It is a small sleepy town with residents of around 2,500. The [...]