How to Be Polite to the Local Panamanian People

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The Panamanian people are quite special. Polite, friendly and generally just good people. But, they have some customs and traditions that they hold dear, and it is good to know them before you get here, [...]

Carnival in Panama, it’s All About Music, Dancing, Costumes, and of Course, Getting Wet!

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- Carnival in Panama has been celebrated here from the early 1900’s, in a style similar to New Orleans and Rio de Janerio. This party is 4 days long and is celebrated the 4 days [...]

Living, Working, Investing, and Retiring in Panama

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Panama, located at the southernmost tip of Central America is a land bridge which connects the Americas and is home to over 4 million people. It is known for its different coasts lying [...]

Retire in Coronado: A Popular Beach Town for Expats in Panama

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If you care considering retiring in Coronado, then our tour is a great option for you. We visit Coronado on the very first day, and will show you all the amenities it has [...]