A Detailed Review of the Panama Friendly Nations Visa

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There are many reasons why Panama is such a popular destination for people who are looking to move or retire abroad. First things that come to mind are warm climate, many sunny days and [...]

You Might be Thinking: Why Retire In Panama?

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Have you ever thought about what retirement in Panama would look like? Regardless of where you're from, you have to admit there is something enticing about retiring abroad. When it comes to picking your dream [...]

How to Be Polite to the Local Panamanian People

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The Panamanian people are quite special. Polite, friendly and generally just good people. But, they have some customs and traditions that they hold dear, and it is good to know them before you get here, [...]

Carnival in Panama, it’s All About Music, Dancing, Costumes, and of Course, Getting Wet!

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- Carnival in Panama has been celebrated here from the early 1900’s, in a style similar to New Orleans and Rio de Janerio. This party is 4 days long and is celebrated the 4 days [...]