Looking for the Best Place to Retire in Panama? Here are Ten Places to Consider.

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Panama may seem like a small country but you will be pleasantly surprised to know that it has quite a number of lifestyle options for people who are looking to retire in this great country. [...]

What A Guided Panama Retirement Tour Will Teach You About Retiring in Panama

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Guided Panama retirement tours are a sure way of seeing - first hand - the pros and cons of choosing Panama as your future retirement location of choice. What's more, in the course of these [...]

Why Expats in Panama Insist That Retiring in this Central American Country is More Than Worth It

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There is no denying that Panama is gradually but surely becoming one of the most highly-sought retirement havens in the last few years. In early 2019 the Money, Forbes, CNBC and International Living all reported [...]

Why People Leave their Country and Move to Panama?

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  There are many reasons why people leave their country and move to Panama. I moved here 7 years ago and have spoken to dozens of expats about their reasons for their move. Although the [...]

Expats Discover the Town of Pedasí as a Retirement Destination

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Expats began discovering the town of Pedasí, as a possible retirement destination, a few years ago, and now the secret is out. Pedasí is in the province of Los Santos, situated on the [...]

Your Friends and Family will Probably Say “Are You Crazy? Move to Panama?

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You know, when I first made the decision to move to Panama and told some of my friends and family back in Canada, they thought I was crazy. Some of them even thought [...]