Retire in Coronado: A Popular Beach Town for Expats in Panama

If you care considering retiring in Coronado, then our tour is a great option for you. We visit Coronado on the very first day, and will show you all the amenities it has to offer. But, in Panama, there are so may options in locations to retire in the small country. Beach, Mountains and City Life. Enjoy this article below on Coronado, then view our Retire In Panama Tours’s Itinerary.

Coronado, way back in 1940, was only some sleepy ranches dotted with unspoiled stretch of blue Pacific and white beaches. But now, Coronado is one of the most popular beach town on the Pacific coast of Panama. For just about an hour or so from Panama City, it is located in the Arco Seco or ‘Dry Arch’ stretch of coastline, defined by the area’s remarkably low rainfall per year.

For many years, Coronado has been a favorite place for Panamanians who need a sun-soaked, beach break but now it has progressed more than that. This is because of the thriving expat community which is growing in the area.

Coronado is one of the developed beach towns on Panama’s Pacific coast. It offers most of the First World needs and people residing here can still enjoy almost all of the conveniences back home, but in more affordable costs.

Also known as the epicenter of beach life in Panama, property here is low cost and infrastructure is already in place.

Here, you can find a Country Club, a number of full-scale supermarkets, a golf course, a mall, and a lot of leisure amenities which you really can enjoy, and all for an affordable cost.

Retire in Coronado: A Popular Beach Town for Expats in Panama

Retire in Coronado, Panama

There are a lot of good reasons why retiring in Coronado are great. First, it is a tried-and-tested location and a lot of expats have moved there. Coronado is definitely the best place for retirees.

It has a perfect setting with Pacific Ocean on your doorstep, sparkling white beaches, malls, 24-hour supermarkets selling all the things you love back home, golfing, an increasing expat community, and business opportunities if you want an active lifestyle when retiring in Coronado.


Retire in Coronado: A Popular Beach Town for Expats in Panama

The climate is perfect here. Temperatures can vary around 85 F and rainfall is considerably lower that most of Panama. Ask the expat and local residents, and they will tell you: “it’s amazing just how much the community has developed for the past ten years”.
Coronado is getting known globally and every development brings ideas for fun activities or new businesses to cater the needs of everybody. You may now opt for community service and social outings, and wide range of activities such as tennis to Mahjong to golf.

Lifestyle in Coronado, Panama

Lifestyle in Coronado is very relaxing and calm. After all, it’s a resort. This place is sought after even by Panama’s elite.

The warm weather and all the modern amenities you wish for makes life here convenient and relaxed.

Local people are very friendly and many of them speak English. The settled expats can make yourself feel at home while living abroad.

If you’ve always dreamed of having your very own bar or restaurant, then this is the ideal place to do business.

Retire in Coronado: A Popular Beach Town for Expats in Panama
Though Coronado has always been a popular beach destination, there are really good medical amenities here like San Fernando Clinic. The clinic which opened its doors last October 2018 is equipped with a wide range of services. It boasts a modern medical equipment.

Real Estate in Coronado, Panama

Most of Coronado’s property lies within a huge gated area dominated by Coronado ES Vida, the oldest beach resort in Panama. New property purchases here offer a membership to the private recreational facilities of Coronado Golf Country Club.
Retire in Coronado: A Popular Beach Town for Expats in Panama

A one-time activation fee plus reasonable monthly dues will gain you access to unlimited greens fees, access to the beach club, and all range of activities, as well as access to the hotel restaurants and bars, beach volleyball court, tennis court, gymnasium, and spa treatments.

Coronado comes with all the best amenities you want, from luxury condos to cozy resale homes to lots of every shape and size. You can also look to neighboring Gorgona to save as much as possible. You won’t find a lot of waterfront houses, but a lot of the properties available here being just a five-minute walk from the beach, where sparkling white sands with swirls of glittering black await you. Are you ready to retire in Coronado?

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