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Discover Panama: Is a Relocation Tour of Panama Right for You?

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Are you considering retiring in or moving to Panama but need help figuring out where to start? Taking a relocation tour of Panama could be the way to delve into the beauty and opportunities this country has to offer. In this article, we’ll discuss why Panama stands out as a choice for retirement, who might benefit from embarking on a tour, the advantages of tours, the perks that come with retiring in Panama, and who may not necessarily require a tour. Additionally, we’ll include accounts from participants who have taken part in our relocation tours.

Why Choose Retirement or Relocation in Panama?

If you’re contemplating retirement or relocating to Panama, here are some reasons that may sway your decision. To begin with, the cost of living is notably lower compared to North America. Moreover, Panama boasts a regarded healthcare system that provides top-notch services at affordable rates.

Obtaining residency visas is relatively straightforward in Panama for retirees with pensions from their home countries. Furthermore, expats can benefit significantly from Panama’s offshore tax policies, which offer financial advantages. For those who still need to retire, Panama offers several investment options for people wishing to move and live here.

The climate remains pleasant throughout the year, with no extreme weather conditions. Additionally, Panama’s robust infrastructure ensures access to airports and transportation networks.

For retirees, Panama offers healthcare, utilities, entertainment, and more discounts, making it an excellent destination to enjoy your retirement even if your income is lower than you’d hoped.

small group panama relocation tours Who Should Consider Taking a Relocation Tour to Panama?

If you’re considering relocating to Panama, now is an excellent time to start planning your visit. Panama is a safe country with a lot to offer retirees.

New Travelers: If this is your first time traveling internationally, grab your passport and join our relocation tour to Panama. We will be your guide throughout Panama, looking after your every need.

Our experts, Oscar, Megan, and Rod, will ensure you feel at ease and secure throughout the journey. With these guides, you’ll have an immersive experience and gain deeper insights into Panamanian culture.

Group Travelers: If you prefer traveling in groups, our relocation tours to Panama are tailor-made for you. Our small group size provides access to relocation experts and current expats for a personal and informative experience.

Seeking Expertise in Moving to Panama: Our relocation tour to Panama is perfect for those looking for professional assistance on their relocation journey. With years of experience assisting people in moving to Panama, we’ll be there for you, even after the tour ends, to assist you in your move every step of the way.

Benefits of Going on a Relocation Tour to Panama Oscar on a group tour

Embarking on a relocation tour of Panama has advantages, and our team of relocation specialists is here to help you make the most of them. From assisting with immigration matters, finding a residence, offering healthcare recommendations, and organizing your move, we have all aspects covered.

Discover Panama in a Week: With us, you’ll see more of Panama in one week than you could on your own in three weeks, saving you time and money during your visit. We are well-versed in the spots, accommodations, and dining options to provide a Panamanian experience.

Trustworthy and Ethical Professionals: Our network includes experts such as immigration attorneys, health insurance advisors, logistics providers, and financial experts who excel in their fields. You can rely on each professional you encounter to be dependable and honest.

Explore the Best Expat Communities: We will introduce you to expat neighborhoods while avoiding undesirable areas. Collaborating with our team of specialists will save you time and money. Also, ensure a seamless transition into your new home country.

Save you Money: Simply put, taking a Relocation Tour of Panama will save you money. By having professional assistance during your move, you will not make any costly mistakes like the wrong immigration lawyer, choosing the wrong health insurance plan, moving into the wrong home or apartment, shipping things here you will not need, planning your banking correctly, setting up your phones correctly to save you $100s a month. Taking a relocation tour can save you thousands of dollars.

Panama Group Relocation Tour Dive into the Retirement Advantages Offered by Panama

Panama stands out as a retirement destination for reasons. The cost of living is lower than in other nations, enabling you to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without breaking the bank.

The healthcare services and facilities are excellent, and the transportation system is convenient. Panama offers great weather, so you won’t have to experience extreme seasons. There are activities for retirees, including golfing, hiking, biking, and pickleball. If you seek a destination with quality care and a range of activities, Panama is the ideal choice.

Who Might Not Require a Relocation Tour of Panama

Already Acquainted with Panama: If you’ve visited Panama before and have a location chosen to settle down, a comprehensive tour may be optional. However, seeking expert advice from a Panama relocation expert could still be beneficial.

Interested in Off-Grid Living: Our relocation tours primarily focus on expat communities, where most individuals choose to reside. Our Private Panama Tours might be more suitable for those intrigued by grid living options.

Families with Children: Our relocation tours are not tailored for families with kids. Families considering a move to Panama may find alignment with our Private Panama Tours.

Adventurous Individuals with Time: If you possess the time and adventurous inclination to explore Panama, you could navigate it without requiring a guided tour by staying here for several weeks and checking it out yourself. You will need to be careful who you take advice from; many newcomers here love to give advice, although they could have done things better themselves. Booking your accommodations, car rentals, and meals can pose some challenges, along with finding professionals who are there to help you, not just take your money.

Learn from Guests who have Taken a Relocation Tour of Panama.

Hear from our past guests who have taken this tour and left us reviews on TripAdvisor.

star rating  Outstanding Tour - I would highly recommend Retire in Panama Tours! I just completed the June 21 - June 28 tour. It would be impossible to cover in 7 days everything we saw... read more

avatar thumb CynthiaO13
June 29, 2024

star rating  What a wonderful experience! - Just finished an amazing three day tour of Chiriqui highlands with Retire in Panama tours! Oscar, Megan, and Rod were so knowledgeable and informative. They showed us some great property... read more

avatar thumb BobY46
June 9, 2024

star rating  Great tour experience, and much more!  - If you have any interest in moving to Panama, THIS is the trip I recommend you take. It’s a small company with small-group tours where everyone gets individual attention. Oscar... read more

avatar thumb Beth J
May 30, 2024

star rating  Amazing experience  - We had been researching possible locations to spend part of the year in a warm, sunny, safe and affordable area for upcoming retirement. Found Panama and the perfect way... read more

avatar thumb dadandmomsturn
April 24, 2024

star rating  Checked all the boxes  - The whole team delivered an excellent experience. Oscar was able to explain the local culture and customs in way that made us comfortable. Panama could very well be a choice... read more

avatar thumb Todd H
April 18, 2024

star rating  A Great Tour Experience!  - My wife and I took the inaugural Chiriqui Province tour. We already have our resident visas in Panama and had previously lived in Boquete but wanted to get a better... read more

avatar thumb Travel831276
March 31, 2024

star rating  So I wanted to know about retiring in Panama  - This was a fact finding mission for me as I am contemplating re-locating to Panama in retirement. I have been on other 'tours' before so I had certain expectations. ... read more

avatar thumb Mark P
March 30, 2024

star rating  What do you think of when you think Panama? Probably the Canal & Manuel Noriega, right? Sign up for this tour and you’ll see Panama City that’s towering... read more

avatar thumb danasX8396JV
March 15, 2023

star rating  You Don’t Know Until You Go - I highly recommend Retire in Panama Tours. As a single woman traveling alone, I always felt safe and secure. Oscar and his team are knowledgeable and made each day fun... read more

March 13, 2023

star rating  My wife and I were a bit skeptical when we booked this tour, after all we had already lived in 6 different countries, we speak Spanish fluently and we could... read more

avatar thumb pierrecH5324HX
February 14, 2023

star rating  Best part of the tour was rolling into Las Tablas to find a conga line dancing around the swimming pool to the sounds of a brass band. It was a... read more

avatar thumb 680IanW680
February 12, 2023

star rating  February 2023 Tour - The tour was excellent!!!
Oscar did a great job as narrator giving us the history of many of the towns we stayed in and passed through. The hotels we stayed... read more

avatar thumb michaelrN4
February 9, 2023

star rating  Amazing - We are just back from our tour and it far exceeded our expectations.
Oscar, Rod, and Megan are incredible, knowledgeable, and genuine people.
We were a... read more

avatar thumb Lise-Shawn
February 9, 2023

star rating  Our favorite parts of the tour were seeing the different areas of Panama, meeting the expats and talking with them and getting to know fellow travelers on the tour. The... read more

avatar thumb mmlb2020
February 9, 2023

star rating  If you are even remotely interested in seeing the country of Panama you should book this tour! As 40-somethings we found it to be the perfect blend of fact gathering... read more

avatar thumb sportyfrog73
February 1, 2023

star rating  If you are even remotely interested in seeing the country of Panama you should book this tour! As 40-somethings we found it to be the perfect blend of fact gathering... read more

avatar thumb J2719IJlisah
February 1, 2023

star rating  This group has it together! What an awesome experience. We would recommend Retire In Panama to anyone looking to relocate to Panama.

avatar thumb Honda901968
January 20, 2023

star rating  Wow it is very difficult trying to decide my favorite part of this experience. The whole experience from day 1 to the final day was perfect. The tour guides... read more

avatar thumb Panamahappy
January 2, 2023

star rating  Thinking of retiring in Panama? Then we have a recommendation for you! My wife Cherie and I were fortunate enough to come across the Retire in Panama Tours site, while... read more

avatar thumb dtober
December 28, 2022

star rating  Yes, Just Do It! - This trip is a great way to get an unbiased overview of Panama, make new friends, and have all the details that go along with a foreign country taken... read more

December 23, 2022

star rating  Awesome trip.Well planned and thought out. Great information about many aspects of retiring in Panama. Oscar, Rod and Megan are very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. They are not trying to... read more

avatar thumb Traveler676
December 9, 2022

star rating  The best part was being able to have conversations with expats, most of whom previously did this tour, who were now living there. Asking questions is encouraged! The tour guides... read more

avatar thumb bawlmeron
November 29, 2022

star rating  Relocation Tour - Oscar, Fabrise, Rod and Megan are wonderful. Extremely informative, great people, great trip. Well worth every penny. One of the best investments I have made. We... read more

November 24, 2022

star rating  Best relocation tour! - FANTASTIC! An experience I will never forget and well worth it! I just returned from the November ‘22 tour and Oscar, Fabrise, Megan and Rod have endless knowledge of the... read more

November 24, 2022


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