Expats Discover the Town of Pedasí as a Retirement Destination
Expats began discovering the town of Pedasí, as a possible retirement destination, a few years ago, and now the secret is out. Pedasí is in the province of Los Santos, situated on the south-eastern tip of the Azuero Peninsula on Panama’s Pacific coast. It is a four-hour drive coming from Panama City.
On our February, 2020 tour, we visited Pedasí, as always, in fact we overnight in Pedasí.  Three of the 8 guests on our tour, decided that Pedasí was the place in Panama that they were going to move.
Expats Discover the Town of Pedasí as a Retirement Destination
Pedasí is a small sleepy town with a full-time population of around 2,500 with a rural feel of the town. This charming village is surrounded by green pastures and miles of unspoiled beach with little development and a short couple minute drive to the beach.
Known as the “Tuna Coast” of Panama, fishing is the main source of income for locals here. With that being said, the waters are filled with a variety of different fishes. Sport fishing becomes a hobby here, as you are almost guaranteed to have a nice catch every day.
Expats Discover the Town of Pedasí as a Retirement Destination
Another great attraction that has been rising in popularity among travelers is surfing. Surfers around the world come to enjoy the waves at Playa Venao, a 30-minute drive away, a surfing beach. In fact, in 2011 and 2012, more than 200 surfers competed in the waves of Playa Venao for the World Surfing Championships, making this one of the best surfing destinations in Central America.

Visitors can also enjoy the beaches and the coral reefs. Isla Iguana Island offers beautiful white sand beaches excellent for snorkeling, scuba diving, beachcombing, swimming, and relaxing. El Arenal beach is the starting point for a 20-minute boat ride to the wildlife refuge and it’s just 5 minutes away from the town.

Retirement in Pedasí

Pedasí is located in the so-called “Dry Arch”, meaning it is the driest section of Panama with less rainfall than the rest of the country. Ocean breezes keep the day time temperatures ranging from 73F to 90 F, while nights are almost exclusively cool and pleasant.

The town offers all the basic amenities for everyday living. Minsa-Capsi hospital offers a wide range of services with specialists in most fields. You can find some grocery stores, gas station as well as a public library. For mayor shopping events, the town of Chitré, about an hour away you will find most things, and the City of Santiago, is 1.5 hours away, with full city amenities.

Expats Discover the Town of Pedasí as a Retirement Destination
Another big reason why many expats move in Pedasí is the safety. The crime levels are lower than in the rest of the country. Locals and expats are helping each other, and expats are always welcome as well as their businesses.

Currently, there are around 200 expats living in Pedasí area. These expats come from various countries around the world. The expat population continues to grow as more families and retirees, such as North Americans, are looking for a simpler life. The town’s rural ambiance may not be for everyone, but resident expats really love the unique feel.

Lifestyle in Pedasí

Pedasí is really a paradise for ocean lovers. Scuba, snorkel, windsurfing, and deep-sea fishing are among the activities you can do here.

Expats Discover the Town of Pedasí as a Retirement DestinationThe lifestyle is very comfortable and relaxing, with locals and expats usually blend together to enjoy holidays and special events, with expats getting to know their Panamanian neighbors and make new friends.

There are a lot of great local restaurants in and around Pedasí. The expat-owned Smiley’s restaurant is a great place where expats gather to hang out and socialize and sometimes enjoy a good game of Bingo.

Volunteer programs are also plenty in Pedasí, with many volunteer opportunities where you can apply your skills to help the locals.

If you want to experience a city life and go shopping, Las Tablas and Chitré are less than an hour away.

For a typical day, it starts with a cup of great Panama coffee and a pastry from a local bakery, then followed by a bike ride to the beach and a long walk, relaxing at the cool breezes in the afternoon, and a lively chat with friends in one of the famous restaurants during the evening.

Real Estate in Pedasí

Of course when you move here, finding a rental is your best option, try it our for 6 months to a year before committing to buying something.  Rentals can cost from a little as $400 for a Panama style home, to $1000 a month for more luxury, North American style homes.

If you later decide to buy, you will find many affordable areas in and around Pedasí. With a growing number of expats moving to Pedasí, new construction of homes ranging from beachfront ranch style are available.

Expats Discover the Town of Pedasí as a Retirement DestinationTowns surrounding the area consist of typical Panama homes near the town center. A typical home starts at around $135,000, with 2-bedroom and 2-bathroom. You can also find some upscale developments with homes constructed to North American standards. Examples of these developments include gated communities in beachfront and huge lots which start at around $275,000.

So, if you are looking for a more laid-back type of small town lifestyle, and the beach is in your plan, maybe retiring in Pedasí is a great option for you.

To check out Panama’s great expat retirement locations, book a Retire In Panama Tour today.

We have made some great friends in Pedasí, and we always have them join us for dinner with our groups.

Expats Discover the Town of Pedasí as a Retirement Destination



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