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Reasons to Consider Living in Panama

Last Updated on July 3, 2020 by Retire in Panama

Why Consider Living, Buying, or Investing in Panama?

Considered as one of the world’s top offshore havens, Panama is also becoming one of the world’s best retirement destinations. Panama offers some amazing benefits that are not in other Central or South American destination. Tax advantages. Privacy advantages. Not to mention that you’ll find some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, mountain paradise, and waterfront and island property in Panama. As a bonus, you will get to enjoy what we consider the world’s best incentive program for retirees.
In Panama, the cost of living is affordable and it’s one of the safest places to live in Central or South America.
Panama has a very stable government and currency. The Panamanian currency, the Balboa, has been pegged to the U.S. dollar for more than 100 years. In fact, this country is the exception to the rule in Central America.
Not only Panama is attracting more tourists, but it is also becoming a center of interest which is taking shape in the United States and other countries, retiring and living abroad—which was reserved for only a few adventurers in the past—is now becoming a trend in many countries.

Four Reasons to Visit Panama

There are many reasons to visit Panama. You can ask any tourists and you’ll get different answers. Some visit for the stunning beaches and the climate, others to explore cloud forests, volcanoes, and the impressive variety of wildlife. There are lots of things to do, and places to see in Panama. To thrill you a little bit, here are my top four reasons why you should visit Panama.

1. The National Parks

Panama has a lot of preserved rain forest compared to many other country in Latin America. There are autonomously ruled indigenous territories, national parks and other protected areas. The La Amistad Biosphere is a bi-national conservation park that stretches across the Panama-Costa Rica border, making it a unique reserve. Here you can see a few of the planet’s rarest birds, like the colorful Resplendent Quetzal. Want to do scuba diving? Why don’t you try Coiba National Park? If you are into sport fishing, then Darien National Park is the best spot. No matter what your reasons for visiting Panama, there is definitely something for you, be it mountain trekking, wave surfing, archaeology, or anything else (except for snow skiing, of course.

2. The People

Try to ask people who visited Panama and you’ll get a similar answer: the people of Panama are the best thing about it. Panamanians are accustomed to residents and visitors coming from places around the world. They’re equally rich in comparison to other Central American nations and they offer a lot of opportunities to improve your lifestyle. This makes Panama one of safest and friendliest place to visit. Take some time to engage with the local tribes and you’ll be informed with Panama’s ancient cultures. You can stay with the Guna tribe people and experience their unique culture. Going into their reserve in Guna Yala (also known as San Blas) is fairly easy and inexpensive. The best way to get around is by boat or a 15-minute flight to the islands of the reserve’s archipelago. The area is filled with white sandy beaches, a lot of them occupied only by palm trees and some species of birds. The waters are clear and sparkling just like aquamarine gems.

3. Ease of Travel

Vacations should be relaxing and traveling to places with excellent direct flights and connections like Panama is truly heaven. Many Panamanians do understand and speak English, so if you don’t know a little Spanish, that can be challenging. This little country has a great, affordable bus service, making it easy to get around and explore. You can also get domestic flights which will help save you time if you are on a limited time.

4. The Culture and Handicrafts

Panama’s cultures are diverse and fascinating – from the African and Caribbean descendants who came during the years of Spanish conquistadors, to the entire construction of the Panama Canal who still remember the several traditions of old Spain. Cultural diversity and expressions are everywhere. They are present in numerous theaters and art galleries in Panama City. Even in madcap Carnivals, religious parade and processions, as well as the colorful festivals. They are also visible in many of the local handicrafts.
In different areas you’ll find masters of trade quietly selling everything in shops and even stalls on roadsides. You can also find some Pre-Colombian style pottery and jewelry, Guna textiles and the national dress called pollera (Guna tribes are indigenous people of Panama), handmade wooden and leather accessories that’s beautiful and inexpensive, and a lot more. Shop for unique gifts and epic presents or wonderful items to sell back home. Even the coffee (considered one of the best in the world) is well worth visiting!
It’s more than a tour . . it’s an experience.

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