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Reasons to Retire in El Valle de Anton, Panama

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el valle de antonOver the years, Panama has become one of the most popular retirement havens for people from different parts of the world. Some of the things that entice people to retire in El Valle de Anton, Panama, including near by beaches and city, lush mountains, the culture, and the atmosphere.

El Valle de Anton, in the Province of Coclé, is located in the crater of an inactive volcano, and is know as the second largest inhabited volcano crater in the world. The town of approximate 8,000 residents, is situated at an elevation of 600 m (2000 ft), making it a much cooler comfortable climate compared to the lowland coastal regions of Panama, just 1 hour away. valle de anton

One of the main reasons people like to settle here, is it’s close proximity to the beaches of Coronado, for quick get-a-ways, and the 2 hour proximity to Panama City, and everything the city has to offer. You get all that, but get to live is a peaceful, quite, laid back environment.

Some of the things that attract people to El Valle de Anton include natural forests and a wide variety of flora and fauna. You can retire in El Valle de Anton, and enjoy these various activities  in the area as explained below:

Visiting the Local MarketEl Valle de Anton Local Market

Farming is one of the main economic activities in El Valle de Anton. A significant percentage of men in the town are farmers. You should consider visiting the local markets, where you will find a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and locally-grown flowers. This market is one of our favorites and we visit it every time on our Retire in Panama Tours, and our guests are always impressed.


El Valle de Anton has fertile volcanic soils that are suitable for growing a wide range of crops. There is minimal usage of agricultural chemicals. As a result, agricultural products from the area are healthy, and much lower price than the imported products available in the big super markets..

The Chorro El Macho Waterfalls and Canopies

This location, just 2 km north of town, is a perfect destination for you while in El Valle de Anton. The waterfalls and canopies are ideal for people who are in love with nature, animals, and freshwater. The 35m (115 ft) high waterfall, is a 15 minute walk from the road, and once you arrive you will also find natural swimming pools, surrounded by rain forest. There are also several hiking trails that wind their way into the surrounding rain forest. A great way to spend an active relaxing morning,

Visit the Natural Hot Springs

It is inexpensive to get access to the hot springs. One of the main reasons why the springs are destinations for tourists is that they contain mud that can be used to heal. Putting the mud on your face together with other tourists is a fun experience. You will also find tanager birds when you visit the hot springs.

Mountain Hikes

El Valle de Anton has three types of mountains that you can hike. The most famous mountain in the area is called Sleeping Indian Girl. All three mountain types are unique, and you should consider hiking all of them. For example, the vegetation varies from one mountain to another, and the view of various sceneries is also different when at the peaks of the mountain.

el valle de anton Amphibian Rescue Center Visit the Amphibian Rescue Center

When you visit the facility, you will find an endangered species of frogs called the Rana Dorada. The center was established to conserve the frogs as they cannot be found in their natural habitats anymore. This is one of the two captive amphibian breeding facilities in Panama. This place works with amphibians in danger of extinction, as part of one of the largest rescue and conservation projects in Panama. A great place to visit in El Valle de Anton.

Visit the Butterfly Haven

Do you love butterflies? The facility has about 250 butterflies. When you visit the butterfly haven in El Valle de Anton, you will also find hummingbirds and other species of birds in the gardens.

Bird Watching in El Valle de Anton.

More than 350 species of birds have been spotted in El Valle and the surrounding mountains. In comparison, there are a total of 450 bird species in the entire county of Canada. So this place is a bird watchers heaven. For instance you may spot green hermit hummingbird or even elegant swallow-tailed kites in the area.

El Valle de Anton, is an overnight stop on our Retire in Panama Tour, that is always a highlight for our guests. The town has many great restaurants and accommodations, and we always have a great time there.


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  1. This is a great quiet little town, with road and sidewalk upgrades that should be finished by now. Great restaurants and shops, and oh yes the farmers market!

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