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Our tour is an excellent choice if you plan to retire or move to Boquete. We spend two nights in the beautiful mountain town. When moving to another country, seeing all that is available is essential. Read this great article about Boquete below, then check out Retire in Panama Tours’ Itinerary.

Boquete, Spanish for gap, or valley, is a charming little town situated in the westernmost province of Chiriquí. The town has around 25,000 people living in it and the surrounding area. It is one of the best places for expats looking for a peaceful and simple mountain life. About 20% of the population are expats from around the world.

Boquete sits at an elevation of 1200 m (3900 ft), which is the most comfortable climate in Panama. Daytime highs of 25° C (77° F) to evening lows of 15° C (60° F) every day of the year. Its seasons are dry from December to April, where it will be breezy but with very little rain. From April to November, you will see a rain shower in the late afternoon, 3 – 4 times a week. October and November can get pretty wet, with rain most afternoons. It is the rainforest; look at the greens in the picture above.

In the video below, Oscar shows you around Bouquet.

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Maybe you still like the beach; they are over one hour away, and the Gulf of Chiriquí forms a part of the southern boundary of Chiriquí Province. It offers many picturesque beaches for those who seek fun in the sun and sand. Simply grab your swimsuit, pack up your cooler, and enjoy a day swimming in the perfect bath-like water temperatures.
Agriculture is essential to the local economy of the Chiriquí region. The rich volcanic soils in the Chiriqui Highlands grow 80% of the vegetables that Panama consumes. The rich and aromatic coffee beans from farms called “fincas” are grown here, dotting the hillsides with coffee plantations. Citrus is another important crop, with orange plantations down the slopes.

Despite its small size, Boquete has modern grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, restaurants, hardware and department stores, a library, a new 20-acre park, and several gyms. This place is perfect for outdoor activities like trekking through the unspoiled wilderness to see sparkling waterfalls and treetops full of exotic birds. This could be the perfect town for you to retire in.

The best thing about living in Boquete is taking advantage of Panama’s Pensionado retirement program, one of the best of its kind in the world. To qualify, you only need to have a pension of at least $1,000 per month, and you will receive a host of discounts on your daily living expenses. Living in Boquete is already affordable, and a couple can live here for anywhere from $1500 – $2500 a month.

Boquete has recently become the cultural center of western Panama. This small town won’t disappoint if you love music, art, and culture. Retirees who love arts can enroll in numerous drawing and painting classes, join art and photography club exhibits, or frequently visit the art exhibits in Boquete Public Library.

Every year Boquete is host to the Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival in late February or early March. This event attracts talent from around the world, and for five days, the town is alive with performances throughout the town and at the main venue.

Another reason Boquete is a great place to stay is the fresh food in the Chiriquí highlands, known as “Panama’s breadbasket.” Fruits and vegetables are affordable and abundant in the local markets. Not to mention the dairy farms and ranches which produce farm-fresh eggs and meats for you, you can buy fresh strawberries from a local street vendor, topped with delicious fresh cream, for only $2. Great deal, right?

Although prices worldwide have risen, real estate in Boquete is still affordable. Depending on your desire, you can find a wide range of real estate available. The town features both modern housing and traditional brightly-painted Panamanian homes. With the help of a reputable Realtor and a little patience, you can find a great deal in real estate.

Climate in Boquete

Ask the locals why they love Boquete; they will definitely say it’s the climate! Some call it “the eternal springtime,” while others call it “the perfect climate.”

The secret to Boquete’s exceptional climate is elevation. Nestled on the highlands of Barú Volcano, 3,900 feet above sea level, it’s one of Panama’s highly sought-after spots. With the mountain ranges, you have cooler temperatures and plentiful rain all year round, creating beautiful, lush, and colorful vegetation. Another highlight of this area is the breathtaking bajareque. This mild mist settles on the hills, usually followed by a rainbow.

These perfect climates are one of the reasons why a lot of expats decide to retire in Boquete. A blanket keeps you cozy on cold nights, and a ceiling fan keeps you cool on warm days. However, most homes have no heating or air conditioning, which keeps your utility bills very low.

Although Boquete is small, the third largest city in Panama, David, is only a 30-minute drive away. You can find stores like PriceMart (Costco), Do-It-Center (like Home Depot), movie theaters, shopping malls, government offices, and more. 

So, if you are interested in retiring in Boquete, book one of our tours, and we will show you around.


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  1. Is there tennis in or near Boquete? We live near Ensenada, MX now because of the climate but really miss tennis. And safety is becoming a concern. Hoping to find a younger expat community also. Ours is old and unhealthy. A little sad.

  2. Happy New Year
    Just retired day 3, and one of my goals is to research a few places
    Portugal, Costa Rica to name a couple
    I heard about bourquette from a gal at work
    I’ve had a look and a read…
    Wondering if you have thoughts on how to go about renting affordable accommodation for winter next year December through to end of March
    Certainly sharing with someone would make things easier financially
    Any assistance greatly appreciated
    Light and love

    1. Hi there, yea Boquete is a great place to live. I have lived here 8 years now, and love it. If you are looking to rent during the high season, December through March, make sure you start looking early, as it is really a busy time in Boquete with tourists. There are lots of short term available, and really good prices. I wrote this article on rentals in Boquete, Panama that may help you out.

    2. Hi Kim,
      My mother-in-law and sister-in-law were born, raised and live in Boquete and we go visit them often. If there’s anything you would like to know about Boquete or the people just ask.

    1. hi Julie, In Boquete we have a poly clinica, which is a mini hospital, no surgeries. In David, 30 minutes away, there are two large private hospitals.

      In Boquete we have several walk n clinics, and labs with several good English speaking doctors.

  3. My husband visited Boquete 4 years ago and we were very impressed with how friendly they were to expats. People invited us to join them at their table when we stopped at a local brewery. As we wheeled our suitcases down the street to catch a bus, an expat American driving his truck in the opposite direction pulled over offering to turn around and drive us into town. I have no doubt that anyone moving there would be welcomed and feel right at home from day one.

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