Retire in David, Panama

Located in Western Panama, David doubles as the capital city of Chiriquí  province. It’s level of popularity is increasing as expats discover the level of convenience and affordable lifestyle they can live here. It is the third largest city in Panama and has a wide range of developed infrastructure with a much lower cost of living when compared to the bustling Panama City.

David is generally known for its healthcare hub, education, transportation business, agricultural activities and absence of skyscrapers. It is easy to access through the Pan-American Highway, and it is one of the most affordable locations in Panama hence making it a haven for expats who are interested in a budget life.

David has an abundant supply of food, and it is sometimes regarded as the “Bread Basket” due to agricultural activities taking place here. There are not many downsides to living in David, except the heat which some may not like, and the traffic. David records an average daytime temperature of 80sF – 90sF. Apart from serving as a haven for expats, David is also home to beautiful structures such as the old stone cathedral or take a walk to the central park.

Retire in David, Panama

Retire in David, Panama

When it comes to the issue of retirement, David has a lot to offer as a choice destination. It has some solid infrastructures with all the amenities you may be interested in. It also has a constant supply of high-speed internet connection, cable TV and phone coverage.

There are also many forms of shopping options for food, home furniture, clothing as well as some other types of services which include auto care, banking, and insurance. They have a good healthcare supply which is handled by two full-time private hospitals and two facilities. There is an international airport which has daily flights to and from both airports and Panama City.

Currently there is a large 400+ store shopping mall being built on the city’s outskirts, completion in the latter part of this year.

Retire in David, Panama
When compared with the other popular retirement communities in Panama, David has an attractive and affordable cost of living and with the documents afforded by the Pensionado Visa. On an average, there is a high tendency of living a very comfortable life with $1400 a month, when you retire in David Panama.
Retire in David, Panama

Lifestyle in David, Panama

The lifestyle in David, Panama is entirely different from what is obtainable outside. With as low as $3 you have moved into a family-owned eatery, or there are cases where you may have to pay up to $25 for a chef-prepared dinner.

There is also a wider range of sporting activities such as deep-sea fishing,the new baseball stadium, bird watching to bicycling and hiking. David is not too far from Boquete which is another great location for expats. In David you will also find a PriceMart (Costco) and Do-It-Center (Home Depot Style).

Retire in David, Panama
Retire in David, Panama

Cost of Living in David, Panama

The cost of living when you retire in David is relatively lower than what is expected in the other parts of the world. David is highly affordable. You can pay for your light and utility services for as low as $25 a month if you don’t use air conditioning or pay $50 to gain access to the Cable TV and Internet services. By living in the breadbasket of Panama, you stand the chance of purchasing the fruits when they are fresh.

Rent in David, Panama

David is a small city with an overall population of about 170, 000 people, and it has an enormous diversity of housing options that will suit your taste. The amount of money charged as rent is affordable and there are restaurants, entertainment center, shopping and healthcare faculties which are located about 5 minutes’ drive for your location. The only disadvantage of living in David is found in the fact that the buildings are quite small in size.

Retire in David, Panama

The rent start from as low as $300 a month. The houses are typically Panamanian-styled and unfurnished which are usually situated at a walkable distance from means of transportation, healthcare, and shopping.


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