Retire in Santa Fe, Panama
Santa Fe is an authentic Panamanian mountain town situated in the Province of Veraguas, about an hour drive north of the city of Santiago. It has a population of about 3,200 very friendly locals. They will greet you casually as you pass by in their traditional style houses made of angled wooden roofs, small rooms and colorful walls.
Retire in Santa Fe, Panama
Santa Fe is known for making mejoranas – a folkloric chordophone which is carved from one block of wood (usually cedar) or sometimes from dry fibers of Bejuco. It is shaped like a small guitar, and it has five nylon strings made from horse hair. Expats have only started to consider to retire in Santa Fe for the last few years.

This is a place to find panoramically lush green hills from side to side while rainbows stripe the powder-blue skies. Plants and wildlife are abundant here. In fact, they are famous for their orchid’s festival in August of each year. You can also visit their gardens to see more than 300 varieties of exotic flowers. In the 70,000-hectare Santa Fe National Park, you will find different wildlife including the popular iridescent toucans. You can explore the area along with a guide or on horseback.

Retire in Santa Fe, Panama
The park covers lands from both that Pacific and Caribbean slopes, so it is all the mountains in the north part of Veraguas, including its 6 main rivers. To make a thrilling journey down the Rio Bulabá, you can hire an inner tube for about $5. Then you get to explore around different streams, rivers and waterfalls and enjoy the fresh air and nature.

In the park you will find over 300 species of birds and one of the few places in the world with seen evidence of the glow-throated hummingbird (Selasphorus ardens). . There are also wild animals like the puma, jaguar, neotropical otter and rare frogs like the spiny cochran frog and leopard robber frog.

Explore their local culture by having a coffee tour around their famous plantation. You will get to see how they grown the rich, steaming brew. For bird enthusiasts, Cerro Tute is home to the area’s famed bird life and features a stunning trail network that winds its way through primary and secondary rain forest.

Retire in Santa Fe, Panama

Santa Fe is becoming a popular retirement spot in Panama. The reason is simply because life here has the ideal balance between culture, nature, activities and modernism. The temperate climate is an advantage as well, as you are 430 meters (1410- ft) up the mountains. Although life in Santa Fe is simple, you are only an hour drive from the city for major shopping, malls and. movie theaters.

We do keep talking about the simple life of Santa Fe, but its modern amenities like high speed internet, power and water are just as good as in the city. It is unique however, how this modern technology go hand in hand with folkloric guitar-making and coffee growing industry. Life here is very simple and affordable. With $800 a month, a couple can live comfortably if they have their own home. Not to mention a breakfast for $3 or a beer for just $1.

Retire in Santa Fe, Panama

Retirees here get to enjoy the low cost of living, the friendly environment, and the relaxing lifestyle in a stunning tropical setting. Days here are meant to be spent strolling mountain trails, river banks and watching different flora and fauna. Fresh fruits, home-grown vegetables and a fresh coffee is perfect for a day. Additionally, a pensionado visa will enjoy so many benefits here – 15%-25% discounts on meals, 30%-50% on hotels, 20% on medical check-ups, and 15%-20% on prescriptions – to mention a few. It’s country-living at its best!
Lifestyle in Santa Fe, Panama

The charm of the small-town Santa Fe is overflowing. The tropical climate of the highlands and the diverse species of plants and animals are truly mesmerizing and relaxing at the same time.

Expats from all over the world have already immersed themselves in a traditional Panama lifestyle. In fact, some of them have built their dream retirement homes here and others have started small businesses like farming and hosting guests at a B&B. Certainly, the percentage of expats vs Panamanians, is much less than other expat destinations, like Coronado or Boquete, and this is one of the reasons many expats say they moved here.

Retire in Santa Fe, Panama

For a healthier lifestyle, Santa Fe offers its residence many locally grown organic food and coffee.. There are lots of outdoor activities to pass time: Climb through the hills, chasing rivers and waterfalls, strolling in Santa Fe National Park, white-water rafting, inner tubing, bird-watching, and tour to coffee plantations and flower gardens.

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Real Estate in Santa Fe, Panama

Santa Fe’s Real Estate is still very affordable, as it is not yet a thriving expat community. You can buy or rent a house at a reasonable price. An example is a 1,200-square-foot private home in El Alto with 360-degree views of the mountains, along with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large terrace cost around $99,000.

Another one is a ½ acre lot with two-bedroom, two-bathroom and a backyard of “Santa Maria River” banks can have a price of $175,000.

When it comes to a house for rent, a two-bedroom, two-bathroom, furnished house with a five-minute walk from the town center will cost between $400 and $500 per month.
A fully-furnished house in the heart of the village of Santa Fe with an artistic mosaic work on the floors, three large bedrooms, two bathrooms, and flower gardens with terrace and fountain can cost $650 monthly.

So, if Santa Fe is on your list of places to retire in Panama, you will need to check it out. Out Retire in Panama Tours, takes you to every popular expat location in the country, and help you decide if Panama is the right place for you to spend your retirement years.


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