Retire in Santa Fe, Panama


Santa Fe is one of the several major mountain towns in Panama. Besides its iconic towering hills and green country highlands in the Veraguas Province, Santa Fe is also famous for its friendly residents as well as traditionally-styled houses comprising minimalist-spaced boasting pastel-colored walls, and wooden angled roofs.

The total population here is about 3,200 residents. The town is home to several old yet accomplished industries and trades among the guitar making with Spanish handcrafted guitars known as mejoranas being a popular commodity here.

The popularity of the city partly arises from its famous orchids with the town boasting several gardens that comprise more than 300 different exotic flowers. The town even holds an annual festival in August in honor of their orchids.

The town is also abundant with wildlife, among the most popular animal species being the iridescent toucans. It is also home to Santa Fe National Park that covers about 70,000-hectares and comprises expansive pristine rain forests that you can explore either on horseback or with a tour guide.

While here, you can walk down to the captivating Rio Bulabá, rent an inner tube, or even stroll around admiring the vast array of rivers, waterfalls, and streams it has to offer. You can also enjoy bird watching in the stunning forest-laden lush wilderness or head to Cerro Tute for striking valley panorama.

Coffee is also quite popular here, and you can as such also tour the various coffee plantations to get a little insight on how it is grown and also brewed locally.


Santa Fe is a perfect spot to stay especially considering its remarkable balance between heritage, tradition, modernity, and nature. Moreover, with Santa Fe situates about 1400ft. above sea-level, the resulting temperate climate is a deal sealer!

This town offers retirees a countryside-like setting with a lot to look out for including a welcoming community, affordable cost of living, not to mention a reserved lifestyle within an otherwise serene environment. It has everything for everyone including beauty for artists to marvel at, mountain trails for hikers, and beautiful sceneries and landscape to explore.

Living here is also cost-friendly with monthly rent rates as low as $400 a month; and with a Pensionado Visa, you can get bonus discounts on hotels, meals, prescriptions, as well as medical checkups among other benefits.


Santa Fe is a somewhat isolated yet animated town, therefore, rendering the life here serene and mellow. Aside from the warm, inviting climate, this town is endowed with bemusing biodiversity, not to mention friendly locals. It is home to unique culture despite the presence of numerous expats who moved here after retirement.

What’s more, the town boasts numerous necessary amenities to cater to your needs including a wide array of bars, shops, and restaurants not to mention reliable internet connectivity. Its ultra-close proximity to Santiago, Panama’s 3rd largest city, also allows you to keep up with developments in the metropolis continually.

Coffee is also a huge part of the lifestyle considering that it is locally grown and brewed here. When its activities to engage in, Santa Fe opens you up to various adventurous activities such as white water rafting, nature trips in the National Park, stroll along the numerous waterfalls and rivers, bird watching, inner tubing, and tours to the local coffee plantations.

Real Estate:

Just like the lifestyle, real estate here is also quite affordable allowing you to purchase or rent even on a limited budget. Some of the notable examples of affordable properties available include:

1. A 1200sq/ft. Remodeled house within El Alto neighborhood sitting on about 1.5-acres and inclusive of two bathrooms, two bedrooms for only $99,000.

2. A new two-bedroom establishment which sits on a 20000sq/ft. lot and ultra-close to the main highway that features two bathrooms, two bedrooms, and the Santa Maria River as its backyards for only $175,000.

3. A fully furnished 2-bedroom house located within a low-key neighborhood near the town center that includes two bathrooms and a relatively small gazebo for just $450/Month.

4. A fully furnished three bedroom home fully-furnished with artistic ground floor mosaic work, boasting two bathrooms, fountain, and terraced garden for only $650/Month.

Cost of Living:

Surprisingly, the overall cost of living here is relatively low. First, despite the inexpensive public transport-taxis and buses, you can comfortably use a horse to traverse across town. Moreover, with monthly rent amounting to as low as $475 for a furnished house, a monthly budget not between $800 and $1,000 a month especially considering that with a monthly rent of you could rent a furnished apartment.

What’s more, utilities are equally cheap and affordable with the water bills averaging just under $3, internet connectivity at about $30, and air-conditioning and heat absolutely free in this perfect temperature oasis!

It’s more than a tour . . it’s an experience.