Six Reasons to Retire in Panama

Panama has been a haven for expats who are interested in enjoying a quiet and affordable life, away from the hustle and bustle of the society. It is located at the southernmost tip of Central America with a population of 4 million people. Apart from serving as one of the best havens for retirement, Panama is also known for its different coasts which lie along the Pacific and Caribbean thus making it a Choice destination for scuba drivers, surfers and fishing. These are fun activities you can engage in while you retire from your work.

Apart from the nice locations characterized by several landscapes such as mountains, rain forests rural farmlands and hundreds of islands, there are other reasons why you should consider retiring in Panama. In this article, we shall discuss seven reasons to retire in Panama. Please note; regardless of your choice of a good destination, it is important to always bear in mind that Panama offers a wide range of options for people of all ages.

1.The rate of development is fast

Panama gained its independence in 1903 with the support of the US. Since then, it has experienced a tremendous level of development and turnaround in all ramifications. It is regarded as one of the choicest destinations for people who intend to live in the region but on a smaller budget. The rate of development is very fast, and it has become a wonderful destination with lots of side attractions. If you are interested in retiring in Panama, then this is the best time to do it.

Six Reasons to Retire in Panama

2.Cost of living

One of the major challenges people face during retirement is usually associated with lack of adequate income to sustain life. The cost of living in Panama is relatively low and very affordable. There are a series of low price basic necessitates such as utilities, housing and food.

With a monthly income of $1000, you can live a modest life in Panama and still have a chance to save some cash. Panama also offers a wide range of residency options such as friendly nation’s visa, pensionado program, Person of means visa, Professional employment visa and Reforestation investor visa which are aimed at absorbing all foreigners into the economy of Panama. Regardless of your chosen location in Panama, it is quite impossible to come across a place without potable drinking water, high-speed internet connection, and reliable power supply.

3.Reliable healthcare

When it comes to healthcare, Panama is the best expat location. It offers the retirees one of the best quality infrastructures in Central and South America. As far as Panama is concerned, healthcare should not be a challenge because adequately furnished and equipped local health care centers are scattered all over the country thus giving you easy access to their services.


The people in Panama live a simple lifestyle which is easy to adapt. The local language is easy to learn, and in the expat communities is quite impossible to come across a location with people who can’t speak the English language. Interaction is quite simple, and the lifestyle is wonderful.

5.Ease of access

The expat communities in Panama are connected by good road networks which can be accessed. Except for cases of distance, accessing the expat locations from the main town is very easy.

6.The Climate is nice

Panama experience an all year long summer with long rainy and relatively short dry seasons. By its location on the equator, Panama falls within the Tropical Climate, and its position below the Atlantic Hurricane belt excludes Panama from a long list of places prone to hurricanes.

Six Reasons to Retire in Panama

The average temperature recorded throughout the year is around 85 degrees Fahrenheit which is not affected by season, and everything remains green and lush all your long. Panama experiences two major seasons; la seca (dry season) and la lluviosa (wet season).


There are several reasons to retire in Panama. Kindly contact us if you have any question(s) about any of the expat communities in Panama, types of health coverage offered and how to choose the best retirement community based on your budget. We will love to hear from you, contact us here.

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