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The New Sustainable Mobility Project of Boquete

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Some of Panama’s biggest problems are its bad sidewalks, people flow, and traffic flow; you see this throughout the big cities and small towns. This can be a big turn-off for expats looking to move here. In just the 11 years I have been living here, I have seen a lot of changes for the better in the infrastructure of Panama, so there is progress in this area.  

  • Four-lane highways across the entire country
  • New Metro line and future expansion under construction (The only metro in Central America)
  • Completion of Cinta Costera in Panama City
  • The planned, properly engineered community of Costa del Este in Panama City
  • The opening of the 20 acre Parque Biblioteca Boquete Rean More HERE
  • The starting of the Cinta Costera Project for Puerto Armuelles
  • The revitalization and pedestrian and traffic improvement of the main street in Volcan.

Now Boquete this month has announced a significant project: The New Sustainable Mobility Project of Boquete.

The project is centered around Boquete’s downtown core and parks and rivers. It focuses on people movement, traffic flow, parking, and making more walkable areas.

A Spanish brochure is being handed out, so I scanned and translated it, and the four pages are below. Click on the page to see the full-size image. The below images are machine translated.

Page 1.translated

Page 2.translated

Page 3.translated Page 4.translated


I have yet to hear of a date set for construction, and I am sure it will take a few years to complete, but it certainly will make a difference in this town.


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