There are several relocation tour companies offering their services in Panama, and that is usually good for the consumer, as competition keeps prices down and service up. There are currently two large companies, doing tours monthly in Panama, and one of them is us.

These are the two most important factors

The Two Most Important Factors When Selecting Your Relocation Tour to Panama#1: Knowledge of the people doing the tour.

This is critical that you are getting good information and going to the best places in the country, and meeting the best experts in the areas of immigration, health insurance, rentals/real estate, banking, and logistics and more.

To address the knowledge issue, Retire in Panama Tours in comprised of Oscar, Megan and Rod. Oscar, a fully bilingual Latino expat, has been helping expats move to Panama for almost 10 years. Oscar is very well known in Panama, and has driven almost 1 million kilometers, in the last 10 years, to every possible location in this country, showing it off to his clients from around the world. You can check out his 100% 5 star personal TripAdvisor Page here.

Megan, a young lady from the USA, full time now living in Panama, will also be with you on the tour. Megan immersed herself in Panama culture, with the Peace Corps, and learned Spanish fluently in 2 years. An incredible assert to the team, and will speak with you about the culture and possible culture shock you may run into in Panama.

Rod, partnered with Oscar 6 years ago, and has also been helping expats move to Panama since. With his online abilities, he runs the back end of the company, but will also be joining you in the last 3 days of the tour to assist you with questions about finances, immigration, working in Panama, banking, pet relocation and logistics.

One key point to consider, is that every phone call you make to us, or email you send to us, is answered by one of us in Panama, expats living in Panama. We do not have employees located outside of Panama answering your questions.

#2: After tour support.The Two Most Important Factors When Selecting Your Relocation Tour to Panama

If you purchase a relocation tour, be sure it includes after tour support. You may not decide to move to Panama for another year or more, are the relocation company still needs to be able to help you out at that time, as things change fast and often in Panama.

On the issue of after tour support, we set up our company, and business plan, on a model so we could provide that. That is why our tours are smaller, 6 – 10 people per tour, so we have the time to give to you during the tour, and after the tour. We are not running 50 – 60 people through a system monthly, thinking that we can actually give them the support they need in the future. 10 is our maximum, providing more support during the tour, speaking with the experts, each of you will be able to have private one on one conversations with immigration lawyers, health insurance experts, rentals people, the bank manager, right on the tour if you want. You will be able to have private conversation with the other expats we invite to come meet you. You can’t do that with 30 people on a tour.

This small group size provides something extra, you will know everyone on the tour the first day, and leave with all new friends. The small group of you will do everything together for 7 days, and we have seen groups from a year ago, still communicating with each other. It also allows us to move around better, in and out of restaurants quickly, checking into our hotels is quick, and being able to be spontaneous, like stopping on the side of the highway to try our some sugar cane juice from a road side vendor, making tweaks to the agenda, because the group want to see something different, things a bus full of 30 people just cant do.

When we dine, we are not split up into different tables, we all sit around one table, we all sit together by the pool, the learning and Q & A, does not happen in the van over a loud speaker, listening to one person, it happens through out the tour as we are a small group and always together and discussing Panama.  The time in the van is spent getting to know each other, taking in the beautiful landscapes of Panama, learning about Panama’s geography, wildlife, culture, which Megan will tell you a lot about, while Oscar concentrates getting you to the next destination.

We have the experience, and we have the capacity to support you whenever you decide to move here.  We did the math when setting up our business plan, if we pushed through 50 – 60 people a month in our tours, that is 600 – 700 people a year, with up to 40% – 50% of them deciding to move here, we would need a staff of 10 knowledgeable expats working full time with us to fulfill the needs you will have.  With our company, we have 70 people a year come on our tours, if 30 of you decide to move here, Oscar, Megan and Rod, will have the time to personally assist you in your move.

Check out our previous tour clients video and written testimonials here. Check out our TripAdvisor page here.

Give us a call at 1-786-282-6302 (a US number forwarded to Panama) or email us at anytime, for more information, and one of us, expats living in Panama, will answer you.


The Two Most Important Factors When Selecting Your Relocation Tour to PanamaYes, this is us, shooting our Christmas message with fake snow, we are serious about our business, and helping you, but we certainly have fun doing it, and you will also have fun on our tour.


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