Guided Panama retirement tours are a sure way of seeing – first hand – the pros and cons of choosing Panama as your future retirement location of choice. What’s more, in the course of these tours, you will also be advised accordingly on the advantages and drawbacks of retiring in some of the most popular hotspots for Western retirees. This kind of knowledge can be a bit difficult to access if you are just relying on research done over the internet. The best, accurate and unbiased source, as they say, is hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth. Which, in this case, is your retirement tour guides.

When choosing a Panama retirement tour company, look for some important things. First make sure the owners are the company are expats themselves, with more than five years as an expat in the country you are looking to move to. They must have gone through the experience you are considering taking on, or they will not be able to advise you. Also, if you are looking to move for example to Latin America, make sure one of the owners, or managers of the company are Latin American, so they can better communicate with the locals during your tour, and better understand the culture of the country, as for sure, it will be different than your home country.

What A Guided Panama Retirement Tour Will Teach You About Retiring in Panama

Consider the type of tour you want, and the amount of people you want to travel with. Some people like big groups, as you meet more people. But remember, this is not a cruise or vacation, this is a fact-finding mission. Access to the tour operators, and speakers they present on the tour is important, the more questions you can get answered directly, in person, the better, so maybe consider a smaller group tour.

Also, in respect to the above, its not all work, make sure the tour offers some relaxing time, and some special interest activities, like learning about the culture of the country, maybe some extra circular activities and special moments during your Panama retirement tour. Seven days none stop may be a bit much, so look for a tour with a small break in the middle, to relax and recharge for the rest of the week.

Now we are going to discuss a retirement tour in Panama, the number one recommended country right now that people are choosing to retire to.

Here’s a preview of what you will learn on a tour like this, hosted by Retire in Panama Tours.

What A Guided Panama Retirement Tour Will Teach You About Retiring in Panama

Many Options for Residency Visa

Panama offers many options for residency Visas, more than 20 different ones, from the popular Pensionado Visa, to Investor and Person of Means Visa. Everyone will be different here, and by the end of this tour, you will know what visa is correct for you. This is important, so when you go home after the tour, and you have made the decision to move, you can gather the proper paperwork you need to make the Visa happen. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to speak to immigration Lawyers, who we believe are the best in the country, so they can advise you on the best solution for your situation.

Lower Retirement Costs than in North America and Western Europe

The start of your Panama retirement tour will kick off in Panama City – the country’s capital. Although Panama City, by itself, offers an array of attractive retirement perks such as excellent infrastructure, world-class shopping and unrivaled medical care in Latin America, most retirees prefer to spend their sunset years away from this urban hustle and bustle in secluded beach areas or up in the mountain towns. But we still need to spend some time in this great city, as who could come to Panama without seeing its Canal, visiting Casco Vejeo, and the Amador Causeway. And there are a few expats that really like the city life and may decide to retire in a major city, at a much lower cost than they could in their home country. Also, we want you to get to know the city a bit, as even if you do not retire here, you may visit often.

What A Guided Panama Retirement Tour Will Teach You About Retiring in Panama

Over the next 6 days, we will travel west and visit every possible expat relocation place that panama has to offer covering beach life, country life and mountain life. There are life styles available in Panama for budgets from $1000 to $5000 a month.

You will learn the cost of your utilities, your food, your insurance, price of items in the stores, and more.

You Will Get Familiarized What You Need to Know About Panama First-hand Before Relocating

Far from what you may think, this Panama retirement tour is not some form of tourist or pleasure excursions. It is not about lounging on the beach to get a tan. The focus and objective of this tour is to teach potential retirees what they need to know about relocating and retiring in Panama in an easy, stress-free and affordable fashion.

We are not saying that it should not be fun, and you will learn some culture about Panama along the way, enjoy evening dinners with the group and owners, and half way through the tour, will have a ½ day relaxing day, which will also act as a Q & A about Panama, discussing what we have learned so far, and discovering what the tour guests still have for questions.. All your questions and concerns about spending your sunset years in sunny Panama will be address exhaustively by a trained tour guide and retirement specialist.

World-class Healthcare at the Fraction of what you Pay in the United States

One important thing that you will learn from your relocation tours is that health care in this Central American nation is vastly available and relatively affordable. In Panama City, for instance, you will find the only John-Hopkins affiliated healthcare institution in Latin America. Local private healthcare insurance packages also start for as low as $100 for someone in their 50’s, with 100% coverage. What’s more, as a retiree residing in Panama, you will be entitled to a 15 – 25% discount for all your medical care related bills in any government hospital.
There are smaller clinics and doctors’ offices and labs sprinkled through the country that offer excellent health care and affordable prices, Doctors visits for $12, blood tests, $10, x-rays, $15.

The US Dollar is accepted as Currency

The Panama retirement tour will show you that you don’t have to worry about expensive exchange rates eating into your retirement pension, if you are from the United States. Also, this makes it considerably easier to settle here than anywhere else in Latin America. Panama’s current is the Balboa, which has been pegged to the USD for over 100 years. 1 Balboa = 1 USD. Panama has their own Balboa coins, but the paper money is US treasury bills.

Location, Location, Location

Weather you are renting or planning to buy in Panama soon, location will be very important for you. Without a guided Panama retirement tour, you will learn where you will like to live? Panama is a very small, but diverse country, with its expat locations and climates. From the cities, to the beaches to the mountains, the tour will take you over 7 days to every possible expat community, fully developed, and new up and coming. Some people like the heat, and so do not, so you will see climates with sunshine, hot temperatures, and beaches, to rain forest cooler mountain climates.

What A Guided Panama Retirement Tour Will Teach You About Retiring in Panama

Do not make the mistake that we have seen many do, come down here by yourself, pick a place to live, and find out 6 months later it is not for you. This will not happen if you come on the tour, as you will see all places you can choose from, many hidden gems you may never fine yourself.

Once you have completed this Panama retirement tour, you will have all the information you need to make the decision to retire in Panama. You will know the ins and outs of the immigration visa’s available, have the proper contact made for a Lawyer to handle this for you. You will understand the medical system, and the right insurance package for you if you decide to move here. You will know the rental and real estate laws in Panama, cost of rentals, and after you move here, you will have a good contact to help you purchase a home in Panama.

Retire in Panama Tours offers an exclusive and informative experience, as we travel across Panama. Check out our Itinerary and Tour Dates and Prices.


It’s more than a tour . . it’s an experience.
What A Guided Panama Retirement Tour Will Teach You About Retiring in Panama