Whether you are retiring or you are an expat looking for an opportunity to spice up your life, the question that comes to mind is “where do I move?” This question is never easy especially if you have been used to a strict and predictable lifestyle. For this reason, people often find themselves engaged in never ending frustrations associated with searching for a place they will never find. Did you know that with Panama you don’t have to go through all this hassle?

Located right at the isthmus linking central and South America Panama is not only a perfect blend or adventure and class, but also comes with an aura of panoramic freshness you will never find elsewhere. Over the years, Panama has gradually evolved into a global business hub for expats and a preferred retirement haven for many retirees. With this in mind, the question that surfaces is where do most expats live in Panama? Let us have a look at some pristine and perfect locations for both expats and retirees.

Where Do Most Expats Live In Panama?

Panama City

You cannot mention Panama and fail to talk about Panama City. If you thought, that Panama City is a city that lacks the verve and vitality that comes with the modern world, you got it wrong. This city is not only modern, but it also comes with features that set it high above some locations in the world, which is why it is popular among expats and retirees.

This metropolitan city is home to skyscrapers, modern shopping, condominiums, luxurious hotels, the arts, among other amenities. Its excellent infrastructure enables it to boast of high internet speeds and modernized transportation facilities. This is alongside one of the most reliable power and water services in the region. As a culinary destination, Panama City hosts several booming art and cultural events, which give you a rare opportunity to blend work with leisure at a very affordable cost.

Where Do Most Expats Live In Panama?


This is one of the best-known and stunning mid-market beach towns among expats and retirees. Located within an hour’s drive from the bustling and vibrant city of Panama, this town is home to some of the best infrastructural developments in Panama. Hence, if you are still asking where do most expats live in panama, visit Coronado.

Coronado is famous for blending modernity and beach life. Which makes ideal for any person looking a place where they can work and relax at the same time. The beaches offer perfect waters and white sand for the beach lovers. Since it is famous for its quality amenities, this town in home to a mix of locals and expats. You will never feel alone; in fact, you will always find someone from another part of the globe seeking camaraderie and friendship.

Where Do Most Expats Live In Panama?

El Valle de Anton

If you are still wondering where do most expats live in Panama, El Valle is the place to consider. Located just 1 hour north of Coronado, in the mountains, makes it a perfect remote location, for those looking for a quieter location, with a it cooler climate, but still close to the action of Coronado and Panama City.

The locals are amazing when it comes to welcoming and mingling with visitors. Essentially, El Valle allows you to interact with the locals, feel their warmth, and experience their hospitality. The different expats living in this location experience a sense of community, which has been instrumental in initiating and steering a number of community projects in the valley. When compared to other places, it is easy to conclude that the location has few amenities. However, the beauty of this type of lifestyle is that it enables us to live in a place where we appreciate nature and experience the power of community

Where Do Most Expats Live In Panama?

Santa Fe

Just like Boquete, Santa Fe is one of the lovely mountain villages that is home to smaller population. Surrounded by green hills right up the highlands of Veraguas province, this location is quite popular because of the exotic flowers and stunningly beautiful orchids. Moreover, it has such a rich and fresh environment that makes it climate attractive.

With a limited infrastructure, tranquil environment, and picturesque landscapes, if you are looking for a place with little or no disturbance at all, then go further than this location. Santa Fe offers you a host of activities that you can do ranging from hiking, bird watching, horseback riding, and fresh water swimming among others. Moreover, it is one of the most economic and affordable locations, which makes it ideal for expats and retirees.

Where Do Most Expats Live In Panama?


This up and coming gem of a community, is located at the tip of the zuero Peninsula, right next to the Pacific ocean. It is a small community, but starting to get popular, and now boasts just over 200 expats living there. Quiet life, close beach access, the driest climate of Panama, is some of its popular features. The locals are very friendly to expats, and in the small community there are lots of amenities, with the larger center of Chitré just an hour drive away. You will need to learn some Spanish if you live here, to better communicate with the locals.

Where Do Most Expats Live In Panama?


Boquete is a famous little mountain village best known as the leading expat community in Central America. Well, maybe not that little anymore, with its 25,000 residents, with about 20% of them being expats. Boquete is Panama’s leading community that is home to foreign retirees and expats around the world. Compared to other locations where Spanish the main language, the rich blend of people from different parts of English speaking regions make English an optional mode of communication for many. For this reason, you do not need to speak Spanish fluently to get along here. This makes it easy and possible to transition into life in Panama with much ease.

Although Boquete offers most of the amenities you will need, the city of David is only a 30 minute drive away, with big box stores, shopping malls, large private hospitals and movie theaters.

Where Do Most Expats Live In Panama?

Bocas del Toro

Besides being a back packers’ paradise, Bocas del Toro is very popular among tourists, expats, and retirees. The Bocas del Toro is an archipelago that comprises of nine islands that are not only inviting, but also reinvigorating. One of the unique aspects associated with this province of the Caribbean side are the exciting opportunities it presents. For instance, expats living in this area appreciate the fact that they can enjoy restaurants and be part of fitness and Spanish classes at the same time. It also offers convenient opportunities to participate in volunteer work and meet people of different backgrounds seeking to make Bocas del Toro their new home.



In closing, Panama is ideal in terms of both location and cost. Its natural beauty and rich climate will definitely add that spark to your life. In addition to simple, affordable residency process, the Panama government has continued to give health a primary consideration. As such, whether it is cost, climate, or even health care, Panama gives you all that you need to settle and have a productive life.

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