Why Choose Retire in Panama Tours Over the Competition?

If you are thinking about retiring in or moving to Panama, choosing a Retire in Panama Tour Relocation company is very important. You could just make your decision from pictures and social media posts you have seen online, but that will not always lead to something good. I know that from experience.

I decided to become an expat in 2010, just based on what I learned online. I got the country right, but my logistics of moving to Panama was kind of a nightmare, doing it all myself with no one on the ground in Panama to help me. At the time I was 46 years old, single, and made my living online, so moving somewhere else, was not really a problem, as I could work anywhere in the world as long as I had a good internet connection.

So I sold everything I owned, packed 2 big suitcases, put 3 boxes of stuff over at a friends place with the intention to ship them to me once I got settled, then bought my ticket. In the meantime, I had rented a place for 3 months in David, Panama, off of Craigslist, probably not a good idea. I did not know one person in Panama, but I was excited to go.

I arrived in Panama in October, stayed in Panama City for a week to check it out, then I traveled to David. The place I rented in David was s a studio suite attached to a house. It was full of cockroaches :( And the internet was terrible, a bad WiFi connection off of the main house, I was not impressed, as I have mentioned, I used the internet to make a living online.

Well, time to move already, so I ventured out on my own, absolutely no Spanish, and found a nice little house in Boquete for rent, I called the number and the lady who answered spoke English, thank goodness, and I went to see her. She was the daughter of the owner, and she was manager of a bank in Panama, so I finally met someone here that I could trust. So, now I had a new home, no cockroaches and good internet. In Boquete, I asked around for a guide/translator that could help me with everything I needed to get done, and I kept getting referred to the same person, over and over, but this time I vetted him out, and finally hired him as a personal guide. His name was Oscar, my current partner in Retire in Panama Tours.

As you can see by my short story, moving here is not easy, but it is simple if you have all the connections before hand, and that is what you get if you first go on a relocation tour. With Retire in Panama Tours, you not only get us on the tour, you have our services included in the original tour cost, until the time you actually arrive in Panama and make it your home.

Three Reasons We Feel Retire in Panama Tours is Your Best Choice

1) A Small Intimate Group with More Access to the Information You Need

Our tours consist of 6 – 10 people, in a comfortable size appropriate vehicle, not the 20 + plus people in a giant bus. We set this business model for one reason. We want our guests to have full access to us and more access to the expats we introduce to them and the experts we will be hearing from through out the tour. For example, when we receive a talk from an immigration lawyer, or our insurance agent, or a bank manager, during the Q & A portion, each guest will be able to have one on one time with these experts, to get their direct questions answered.


Meet Dave and Bridget from Seattle and hear them talk about their trip with Retire in Panama Tours

Every guest on this tour will have unique situations they want to discuss and Oscar and I felt that a maximum of 10 people would be the best fit for this business so we can give everyone the time they deserve. One other reason we do not want to travel in a full size bus, is as we journey and learn about this great country, we take you to some places that a big bus cannot get to.

2) You Get Two Expats With a Combined 18 Years Experience in Panama

Oscar is a Latino expat born in Colombia, studied tourism there, move to Costa Rica worked in 5-star resorts for 5 years, moved to Panama in 2009 and started his own Tour Company. This company, Mucho Gusto Panama, provides local tours and private expat relocation tours for the last 10 years, and has an excellent Trip Adviser rating. Oscar has over 20,000 hours experience driving and showing people this country it’s best and worse, helping people move here, and assisting them when they get here.

Why Choose Retire in Panama Tours Over the Competition?

Rod has over 20 years experience in corporate America in C-level positions in operations and logistics and IT. Rod has been in Panama now for almost 8 years, and joined Oscar in his tourism business 5 years ago. Rod has the ability to put together a great tour handling all the operations, logistics and finances of the tour. Together they started Retire in Panama Tours almost a year ago.

3) Our Tours Will Immerse You In and Teach You About the Culture of Panama

First of all, you will be guided on the tour, by Retire in Panama Tours co-owner, Oscar Peña, a fully bilingual Latino. Many people who end up moving to Panama, get culture shock. This country IS NOT like your country at home. On a Retire in Panama Tour, you will not stay in American style hotels attached to shopping malls. That just is not Panama. You will stay in very unique Panama hotels, but don’t worry they will still be 3.5 – 4 star, but you will experience Panama.

Meet Bill and Marry-Ellen from North Carolina, currently residing in Tampa. See what they have to say about their experience on a Retire in Panama Tour.


We also take you on a full day in Panama City. Many expats do live here, but even if you do not plan to, it will be your get away weekend place, and when people come visit you, you will want to show them around. I just could not imagine going to Panama, returning home, and being asked, “Did you see the Canal?” and having to say no. You will not only see the Canal, you will see Casco Viejo, Amador Causeway, and stroll down the streets in trendy neighborhoods where expats live.

Learning about panama’s culture is very important if you want to fit in when you move here.

You as a consumer have competition in relocation tours in Panama, and that is good for you. A great example of this, when Oscar and I started Retire in Panama Tours, we started with a 6 day 7 night tour, including a domestic flight back to Panama City at the end of the tour. Within 3 months, our main competitor in Panama, changed their tour adding a day and night and the flight to match our offer, which provides more value for the consumer.

We also have companies like International Living, which many of you have heard of, who may be a competitor, but we consider friends. In fact Oscar has been hired in the past to do International Livings Panama annual tour. I highly suggest that you sign up for International Living Panama newsletter, they have a lot of good information about Panama.

So you have a choice to make when choosing a relocation Tour company, and if you have more questions, we are always available to speak with you via email or over the phone, just call the number below. Retire in Panama Tours is here to offer you an experience that will be full of the information you need, blended in with some fun.

Retire in Panama Tours
It’s more than a tour . . it’s an experience.