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Why We Take Our Tour Guests to the Boquete Tuesday Markets

Last Updated on April 3, 2022 by Retire in Panama

Boquete, Panama is always a highlight of our tour, and we spend the last two days there. It is in Boquete that we hold our small conference to discuss what we have learned so far on the tour, and we meet with immigration lawyers, and health insurance experts and talk about many other topics. Boquete is the #1 destination for retirees in Panama, so we need to show it properly.

We designed our tour so we would arrive in Boquete on Tuesday morning, where our first stop would be the Boquete Tuesday markets.

The Boquete Tuesday Market has been around for over 15 years and has evolved into two separate organizations, one referred to as The Tuesday Market at TapOut, and the other as the BCP Tuesday Market. They are located right across the street from one another. At the markets, you will find fresh produce and fruit, meats and fish, local Panamanian handicrafts, many charitable organizations, expat-run businesses, and just a great weekly social experience.

Recently there have been some Facebook discussions where another tour company has been badmouthing the Tuesday Markets and discrediting the vendors of the markets, claiming they rip off new people to the country, and they have “gringo pricing”. This is so far from the truth and Retire in Panama will continue to support both Tuesday markets, as we feel it is a great experience for our guests.

These two markets are run by the Boquete Community Players (BCP) group and The Tuesday Market at Tapout Association, and they run tight ships. if a vendor was ripping off new people in town, they would not be selling at either of these markets for very long.

The Tuesday markets are comprised of close to 100 vendors, 40% smaller Panamanian people selling what they make or grow, 10% larger Panamanian companies, 35% expats and expat companies, and the balance made up of charity and club organizations.

Let’s take a quick walk-through of the markets.

Our first stop is the Global Food Provider’s table. Here you can get incredible deals on vegetables, grown direct from their farm, at some of the best prices ever, and in doing so support a good cause. I have been buying my Spinach and Kale For my smoothies here for years, watch the video to see the great value they offer.

Check out the Global Food Provider’s website here:

Our next stop is one of my favorites on my weekly trip to the market. I buy my free-range organic eggs from Mariella, a local Panamanian lady. Ask yourself the question, what do you pay for free-range eggs where you are from, then watch the video.

This is one of the reasons I love the Tuesday Markets. It gives local Panamanians the opportunity to sell their items to a larger audience with more disposable income. And they are selling their items at a fair price. The false accusations against the locals here of “Gringo Pricing” are just crazy!

And this is what I call real free-range eggs. An individual raising chickens in their back yard, and selling the eggs at market.

Across the street at the BCP Market is another of my favorite Panamanian ladies who has been selling at the market for many years. She has a large garden, with many vegetables, and the prices are 1/2 or less than the grocery store produces, and so fresh.

In addition to food at the Market, the different organizations that are there weekly are great for our tour guests to meet. One of the main ones that we always connect to the guests of our tours, is the Boquete Veterans Outreach. Even if our guests move elsewhere in Panama, they have the contact that they can get connected to VA groups across Panama.

YouTube video player


Many of our guests have asked for volunteer opportunities in Panama, well the Tuesday markets are the place to be. Here are some examples of organizations represented at the Market

Fundación Pro-Integración (The Boquete Handicap Association)


Buenos Vecinos de Boquete (Feeding the poor around Boquete)

Boquete Health & Hospice (Assistance for aging locals and expats in Boquete)

Dog Camp (Dog rescue and adoptions)

And many more.

In addition to local Panamanian businesses, local expat business also sell their products at the Tuesday markets. There are large businesses, with national and international presences, and smaller ones also. All offer some great products and fair pricing.

Some examples of successful expat businesses at the Tuesday Market are Cloud Forest Botanicals, in business for 15 years, selling internationally, locally made botanical health products, and Pan Pacific Interiors, a custom kitchen, bath, and storage solution company. These types of businesses are great for Panama as they employ Panamanians, and great for our tour guests to see, and often we have guests that are not totally retired yet and may explore opening a business in Panama, and these are great contacts to make.

Then you have the smaller expat businesses, like Gluton Free Gold, CHOX Artisan Chocolate, and many others.

There is actually a third artisanal type market, across the street, but it is open every day and is a great place to go for local handicrafts and souvenirs. Our guests always find the time to visit this market also.

We really wish we could have listed every expat and local business and organization we support at the Tuesday market, and did videos with you all, but obviously we need to get the article across with a point, in as few words as possible, and to all our friends at the markets, we have made over the years, Oscar and Rod will continue to bring their groups to visit everyone at the Tuesday markets.

So, as you can see from above, it is obviously why Retire in Panama supports the Tuesday markets and will continue to bring our guests there on every tour. It is the place for them to learn, explore and interact with other expats already living here, and meet some amazing local vendors and informational and charitable organizations.


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  1. Thank you for supporting our vendor run market, THE Tuesday market at Tapout. We appreciate you clarifying we are not “gouging” our customers. We look forward to meeting your next group of visitors from your tour!

    1. Thank you Dee. Our guests always look forward to the Tuesday Market, as most of them have heard about it before. Retire in Panama supports all the local vendors taking part in the Market, and Oscar and I will continue to support these vendors.

  2. I am interested in “Wintering” in Panama. How long can a visitor stay and are visas needed? How can we secure legitimate long term rentals (under 6 months)?

    1. Hi Roger, US, Canadians can stay 180 days, and other countries for 90 days. Looking for shorter-term rentals will depend on what area of the country you decide to stay in.

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