Private Customized Panama Tours for those looking to retire, move or invest in Panama

Retire in Panama Tours also offers Private Tours for a couple or single. small groups or families.  These tours are fully customizable based on your needs.

Reasons to take a Private Tour

  • You don’t like the crowds of a group tour

  • You require privacy and discretion

  • You don’t mind paying a little more for upgrades

  • Timing requires you to come to Panama at a specific time, when a group tour is not available

  • You want to focus on a specific area of Panama

  • You are looking more to Panama as an investment opportunity

  • You are moving with family and want to include Schools in the tour

Benefits of a Private Tour

  • Fully customizable agenda based exactly on your needs

  • Travel the country in luxury SUV, stay in upgraded hotels and dine in fine restaurants

  • Flexibility to change agenda at any time

  • Total access to Oscar and Rod and the Experts we meet with

  • Meeting privately in the offices of the best Immigration/Investment Lawyers, Bank Managers, Insurance brokers and Real Estate agents in the country

  • Total discretion, as the tour is not published in any way on our site or social media properties

As these tours are fully customizable between three to seven days, please fill in the information below so we can start putting a package and quote together for you.  We may also contact you to get more information.

To see the entire country, especially if you are planning to possible move here we recommend a 6 – 7 day tour.  If you are looking at Panama as a “Plan B” , second residency and/or investment opportunity, we recommend a 3 – 5 day tour.

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