Retire in Panama Tours Reviews and Testimonials from Our Past Guests

Tom & Sylvia from Alberta, Canada – January 2020

Bob & Shirley from Colorado – January 2020

Donna & Gudrun – 2 single ladies – January 2020

Rob from Arizona – January 2020

Tom & Susan from Kansas – December 2019

Mark & Marie from Connecticut – December 2019

Ken from California – December 2019

Robert from Canada – December 2019

Ric and Cathie – August 2019

Michael and Marcia – August 2019

Dave and Bridget from Seattle – May 2019

Bill and Mary Ellen from Florida – May 2019

Personalized group tours on a small scale

You get to see so much of the country and not just “see” but also “experience” so many things with this small company. Who wants to be one of the many “sheep” on a larger tour size of 20-25 people? You get much more personalized attention with Retire in Panama Tours. You come away from a week long tour feeling like you experienced this beautiful country- not just visited.

Renee Stone

Very informative and personal tour

Rod and Oscar took our personal preferences of places to live and was able to tailor the tour toward our needs. Very informative on Panama. Plus we just had fun!

Mary-Ellen Hand Lee

We are so pleased with the personal touches

We looked at two tour companies before coming to Panama. We were told everyone was very friendly and worked together to find expatriates what they are looking for. We went with the smaller more personal tour group, where we did not need name tags. Retire in Panama with Oscar and Meagan was recommended by someone we knew who knew the tour operator. We are so pleased with the personal touches and we all have gotten to know one another. We are having a fantastic time

Cathie Hidalgo Seaman

Fantastic Tour

I strongly recommend Retire In Panama Tours. Oscar, Megan and Rod are excellent ambassadors for Panama, they are very knowledgeable and friendly. They have helped with useful information after the trip was over too. The small group format was perfect for me. The group I joined was great! It seemed like we were laughing all the time! The tour was very well planned, highlighting places I would consider a good fit for retirement. If you’re thinking about a tour of Panama, look no further!

John B.

Should keep it a secret…

Not our first small, guided tour through a Latin American country but by far the best. Smaller tours have a more intimate feeling and if there is a problem with another traveler, it can be quickly and amicably addressed. Smaller groups can quickly form a friendly camaraderieship. Logistics of everything from where to sleep to where to go to where is everybody going to store their suitcases are handled much more easily on a smaller scale. We crossed paths with a much larger , Greyhound bus type  tour.  We were  amused  to see  50 or so people  trying to get fed, get suitcases and get on the bus and not leave anybody behind…  It was laughable. I can’t say enough about the tour that Oscar, Ron and Megan have put together. These folks know what they are doing.

For a more intimate and down-to-earth feel for Panama, this smaller tour is outstanding. Plus, we went to places that there is no way a Greyhound bus tour could get into or through. In other words we experienced a more intimate contact with Panamanians and expats who have already made the jump. We are seriously considering doing the tour again…
Thanks you guys…

Nell & DJ
Awesome Tour!

If you want to figure out if Panama is a place to relocate, this tour is perfect. We spent a week touring Panama City, the mountains, and the beaches. Our tour guide, Oscar, speaks Spanish and is very informative as well as entertaining and fun! They only do small groups so they are flexible with the schedule and Oscar answered questions as we had them quickly and thoroughly (no waiting). All food and lodging is included. We got tips on how to move, what to bring, visas, banking, pet relocation and what housing is available on any budget. We met lawyers, bankers, insurance people and many, many expats who had a ton of advice to help with the transition. They even met us at the airport when we finally arrived permanently! Highly recommend Oscar, Rod and Megan with Retire in Panama Tours.

Bill L.
Best way to see Panama for retirement (Because they know your name)

Why should you spend the $$ to tour Panama when you can drive yourself? Because you can’t!
You don’t know the places, the people, the systems.

Once deciding to retire outside the US, we made a short list through research (the internet is awesome) and spent the last three years trekking to Costa Rica (nr 1 choice) and seeing different parts of the country; but we realized as we started on Panama (nr 2 choice) we didn’t want spend three years.
I did research on tours and settled on Rod & Oscars tour for three reasons:
• Good grasp of English and Spanish (My Spanish is still lacking)
• Had pretty much all my “researched” areas covered
• Small tour (they said less than 10) in fact our tour was 2 couples + Oscar & Megan
So how did it go?
Rod, Megan, and Oscar met us at the airport and from the beginning treated us like friend, not clients. Had us checked into the hotel in Panama City and let us get settled and then we went to dinner, it was fun and relaxed.
The itinerary was set, but not in stone, based on what WE wanted the script bent and swerved, but still keeping to basics.
We visited from Panama (the canal) to Coronado, Gorgona (not on the schedule, but awesome), to Chirte to Las Lajas (beach relax day) to David & Boquete; and many places in-between all those stops. Then checked us in at the airport in David and back to Panama City.
Heres the deal, three things:
• Each night a NICE hotel room was waiting for us, and a planned dinner, many nights with ex-pats to chat with us at dinner
• Oscar not only knows where we are going, but why and what is interesting in between, (one day Oscar whipped off the road and we tried some sugar cane drink he saw these two Panamanians making)
• And all he had to do was take care of us, because his partner Rod was watching the back end, reservations, etc.
Remember those big tours I mentioned? We ran into one with their big bus, and as we said hi as we crossed paths, I mentioned jokingly to Oscar “they have name tags, we don’t “(sad voice). He said, “that’s right because I know your name, Dave”!

So, if you are thinking about a trip to look at places to retire in Panama or snowbird, this is the tour for you. And if you are lucky, we might be the ex-pats you meet in Boquete, Panama.

Dave & Bridget

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