Why Panama Retirement Tours? Because They Know Your Name!

Best Way to See Panama for Retirement

The business model of Retire in Panama Tours, is very unique in the relocation tour business in this country. Most companies, relocation, tourists and real estate tours, travel the country in big buses, with 20 – 40 guests per tour. We understand why they do this, the business model is volume. Our groups are semi-private with only 6 – 10 people per group. This is done so you will have more time with Oscar, Megan and Rod, and all the experts you will meet on the tour. We understand that taking a tour like this is a financial commitment, so the lesser people in the group, the more we can cater to your needs, and the better value there is for you.

When you give us a call, that call is answered by one of us, in Panama, or your email is returned by us, actual expats living in Panama. And with our smaller groups, we can offer better post tour services, if you do decide to move here.

The first goal of our Panama retirement tours is to show you the best places in Panama that an expat would be comfortable living in. Tour includes seven nights in beautiful hotels around Panama. You will be spending time in different towns, so you can get an idea of what Panama like. Of course, we provide hotels, transportation during the tour,  as well as three delicious meals a day. You will have an opportunity to try famous Panamanian cuisine, but there will be a lot of classic, international food as well.

The second goal of the tour, is to provide you with the resources you need on the ground here in Panama, if you decide to move here. With Oscar and mine 15 years experience helping expats move to Panama, we know the best immigration lawyers, health insurance options, real estate/rentals experts, and bankers to help you get set up in Panama. Not only will you personally meet and speak to people from each of these expertises, you will also meet experts in shipping who can help you move some or all of your belongings, help you with the receiving of mail or packages in Panama once you live here, and so much more.

This more personal and intimate experience, and  is why we get reviews from our past tour members telling us they love the small groups. Here is a quote from a previous client from our May 2019 tour who wrote on our TripAdvisor page, that sums up our business model.

Remember those big tours I mentioned? We ran into one with their big bus, and as we said hi as we crossed paths, I mentioned jokingly to Oscar
“they have name tags, we don’t “(sad voice). He said, “that’s right because I know your name, Dave”!”

So no buses, no crowds of 25 or more people, and no name tags on our tours. Just more personal, one on one service, from us.

Why Panama Retirement Tours? Because They Know Your Name!

Here is a brief run-down of our tours.

Why Panama Retirement Tours? Because They Know Your Name!During the first day of the tour, you will have an opportunity to explore living options in Panama City. The tour starts in the morning, and that’s why we suggest you arrive day before. We will pick you up at the Panama City airport and take you to your hotel where you can relax and prepare for the following day. On our first day, we will show you the most beautiful parts of Panama City. It is very modern and busy city with great cultural offer and facilities, that’s why a lot of people choose to retire here. We will visit the Canal, because when you get home all your friends are going to ask you “did you see the Canal?” Next we will visit the Biomuseo to learn some history and culture of the country. After that we are off to the Amador Causeway and Panama Viejo.

On the next day, we will visit beautiful beach town Coronado. Coronado is one of the most popular locations for retirement, because it combines urban life and the beach. Also, it is only one hour drive from Panama City, so you can visit it often. We will then visit El Valle de Anton, another popular town, that is nearby. El Valle de Anton is a calmer and more quiet destination, perfect for people looking to escape from stress and traffic, nestled up in the Mountains, where the weather is a bit cooler.

The next day is dedicated to the Azuero Peninsula where we are going to visit three charming places: Chitre, Las Tablas and Pedasí. We will explore together what are the best locations for living here, meet some expats, look at rental prices and cost of living..

The next day is our favorite day during our Panama retirement tours – it is a Beach day! You will have time to relax and have fun on the beach then we will talk about the best housing options in beach towns such as Boca Chica, Las Lajas and La Barqueta.

Why Panama Retirement Tours? Because They Know Your Name!The following day we will visit Boquete, one of the favorite destinations from people from the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. It is a beautiful mountain community, located near the city David where are located lot of shopping malls, good hospitals, cinema and so on. We will meet with experts and talk about the practical aspect of moving to Panama such as opening bank account, obtaining health insurance insurance, security and safety in Panama, and other useful things. We will explain you everything you need to know, and you will see why this mountain town is a favorite among expats.

On the last day of our Panama retirement tour we will visit Volcan area where you will have an opportunity to meet with other expats and discuss about more affordable housing options in Panama. By this time, you have seen almost a dozen places in Panama, so you can make comparison and see what fits your lifestyle. You can take into consideration all factors, from location and climate to prices.

But that is not all. We want to show you that life in Panama is great and that there are many things you can do. On our wind up evening event, you will meet more expats that have made the move, and you will be able to ask them why, and what challenges they had. There are a lot of expats from English speaking countries, which means there are many opportunities to make new friends and have great time in Panama.

We created this tour because we believe you need to know all your options before you decide to move to Panama. Because of our experience and connections, in the one week that we take you across this county, we will show you more that you could see doing it yourself, in 3 weeks. It is a big decision and we want you to show you all locations, so you can see advantages of each of them, and choose the one that is the most suitable for you. And most importantly, getting the experiences and honest experts to assist you if you do decide to make the move.

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